Art Innovation Talk – Interdisciplinary Creative Collaboration: Where Visual Art Takes Flight

Next month I am doing a talk about the collaborative process of working with artists across disciplines. Elaine Weiner Reed and April Rimpo two exemplary visual artists invited me to collaborate with them again last year. This time I was to organize the ekphrastic event. In 2019, I participated as a poet in an event they created in Columbia, Md. This November at the Baltimore County Arts Guild facility during their exhibit – Portraits of Life: Once Upon a Story ( they asked me to take the reigns and create a full event with poets speaking to the art. The opportunity to put words to visual works has always intrigue and exhilarated and exhausted me at the same time. I enjoy the outcome but the process can be challenging. The ekphrastic event: Art meets Word was held on Sunday November 21st, it was phenomenal. We had eleven poets sharing their work to the paintings. The joy that filled the gallery was beyond description (you will have attend the next one to feel the interconnectivity of the poets words and the paintings they choose) the vibe moments of tears and laughter and introspect. Next months talk is a private presentation for the International Society of Experimental Artists (who knew) but I hope through my other site EC Poetry & Prose ( that I along with my poetry family will be able to share more exciting programs and talks of truth, justice and peace. I am excited about the opportunity to share what we learned and to further explore ways to connect the visual to written in an intentional and poetic manner giving voice to truth.💜

All the beautiful artwork is that of Elaine and April. This was a wonderful event. Thanks for letting me share. ☮️

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