I always think of that book Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom on restful Tuesdays like today. It was a very good read and then they did a movie. Back years ago seemed like Hollywood always made a movie out of a good book but the movie was never as good as the book. Somedays it would be nice to have someone remind me that what needs to happen in this life in this time is LOVE. I know it but I fail at times to remember it. As I watch the daily news I don’t see it. Oh sure there is charity there on the news but not real reach out and touch someone LOVE.
This past weekend I worked an artist booth at the Baltimore County Arts & Drafts Festival at the Guinness Brewery in Halethorpe Md reading and selling my book and drawings. It was exhausting but also hopeful. I was hopeful about LOVE and surprised by peoples willingness to share and trust stories of life. Isn’t trust the beginning of LOVE? We have to begin to trust each other and listen with intention to our stories. Its the empathy we all deserve.
I read to whomever would listen. Some asked why I would write poetry about poverty don’t we want to get away from social ills and enjoy a nice rhyme. A few felt a need to explain their bias or family upbringing. But, then there were those who cried and engaged in meaningful conversation. They were young and old and between ages. They came from all different backgrounds. Each listened as I read or performed from the book and I was grateful. Several folks, strangers, prepaid for the book since I had sold out.
There it is HOPE, people in this crazy world who still trust and if they can trust then LOVE can abound. It’s like Morrie says ‘Love is the only rational act.’💜


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