Riding High

Hey there. I thought I would share my most recent writing adventure. I was a feature reader on the Wilde Reading’s Facebook reading series. It was super fun and cosmic at the same time.

As some of you know, I host two monthly open mic’s (First Fridays Open Mic on the MWA site and Berks Bards on FB). I enjoy all the wonderful wordsmith’s I get to interview and chat with as we listen to their words.

This time I was in the other seat reading my poem’s, explaining their purpose or origin and basically telling my writing story. It was exhilarating and anxious at the same time.

I have always admired those willing to share their word’s and facets of their life with others. Tuesday was my turn and I’m still riding high from the experience.

The reason I said it was cosmic is that same day my book cover and presale link was released AND I got the chance to chat and groove with my publisher Gwen Van Velsor of Yellow Arrow Publishing, whom I had never met. How cool is that. 😊 Serendipitous is all we could think.

Here are the link’s to the reading and the book. I was overwhelmed by my friend’s and fellow poet’s who showed up to listen and cheer me on. I am humbled by their support and encouragement and your’s too as you read this.

My life is richer with these little moment’s like how the snow can change a leafless tree into a picturesque praise of winter.



Peace be with you always.💜


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