Sunday Morn

Good morning world! It’s a cool morning out and the warmth of the sun feels good. I’m starting this blog today because it has been a hell of a week. Work really sucked all week and all I wanted to do was escape and create but other commitments got in the way (or did I let them) and so even though the day’s are mine. I keep giving them to someone else. I must stop that (maybe you do too).

Last week, I declared Sunday’s as Submission Sunday and promised myself to submit at least one piece of work (written or visual) each week. Of course that didn’t happen and I’ve been feeling like crap all week about it. I know it’s a fear factor. I just don’t know which one. (Any guesses?)


One thought on “Sunday Morn

  1. Hello Patty (little pi),

    I came across your poetry on

    Thoroughly enjoyed reading your pieces. I definitely relate to, “I promised myself yesterday.” Often, I tell the universe I’m going to write today, I’m going to research publishers today or start a blog, and so on and so forth but usually, I accomplish very little.

    Looking forward to reading more.




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